A considerable part of your brand is expressed in your bio: your social profiles, and on the About page of your web site. And don’t forget LinkedIn.

Does your bio tell a story? Or does it read like a resume?

Is there any personality in the words?

Do people get…

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You’re working on a book. But are you focused on the right elements?

I’m not asking about grammar, voice, and flow. I’m referring to the most overlooked aspect of the business of writing: your personal brand.

Believe it or not, your brand is more important than your book. Here are five reasons why — and guidelines for improving your brand.

Agents represent brands

In the nonfiction…

What’s Your Name Worth?

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I recently watched an interview with multi-million-selling music producer, David Foster.

David tells the story of completing production on one of his first records, and giving a copy to his mentor, Quincy Jones, (a multi-bazillion selling music producer).

Handing Quincy the record, David said,

“By the…


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